When your trip is one day too long

I love travel. I feel like I have not done enough of it. I have certainly traveled more than a large number of Americans but not nearly enough for my tastes. While I love travel, I am starting to despise more and more traveling by air. It is getting way less dignified each day. I’m still holding onto hope for teleportation.

Regardless, I am doing several small trips this year, having been to Key West, Puerto Rico, and Washington, DC. And, I hope to do more. The year is only slightly more than half way done. And, that is where I found myself this weekend. A long weekend for my son’s birthday celebration. We went to a coastal town so that he can get sun and quality pool time. It’s what he likes. Although, he is not necessarily a beach goer. He used to be when younger and when we lived in San Francisco. Go figure.

We went away for four days. Now that may seem like a very quick trip. Well, it wasn’t necessarily so. Let me put it this way, I went to the front desk at 7am my third day and asked whether I could check out without penalty. It was a no-go. This has happened to me previously when I have felt that the trip was one day too long. I’m going to have to check my psychology books to see if this a recognized phenomenon. I plan and don’t plan trips. When I went to Hong Kong, I knew I wanted to go to Macau but I didn’t plan beforehand which day that would be. But I figure out beforehand all the things I can do in my given time. Then I get there and I accomplish them with great efficiency. Subsequently, I am left with one day where I am not too sure what to do and with a lingering feeling that I could have gone home that day. Cause once the trip is done, I want to be home.

In this trip, we did manage to find a neighboring quaint town where I got a most delicious risotto. We also managed to go to an island where we caught wild horses. Not bad. I felt fulfilled. However, I could have gone home. The moral of the story? I actually don’t know. It could be make the most of any situation. I certainly did. But why have to?

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  1. I totally agree with you. I love to travel although anymore flying is such a trial. It can be hard to know exactly how long to plan for, and when you hit that last day and all you want is to be home, it can be tough. Road trips are my favorite travel. 😊


  2. Air travel is probably fine if you have a gazillion miles and don’t mind paying extra for everything imaginable. For the rest of us it is like traveling in steerage. It has become a completely class stratified experience.


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