I missed my flight and it was a delight

First off, I didn’t technically miss my flight. I don’t believe I have ever missed a flight. And, I used to travel a lot for work. Often, I used to be on the road twice a month. And now, I have a lot of miles and perks. But in all my travels, I have never missed a flight. I have come close to doing so once or twice, but I am very much a responsible traveler.

Oh wait. I havd missed one flight. And that totally was not my fault. We left with more than three hours to catch out flight in Atlanta. And, then the highway traffic stopped and didn’t move for two hours. There was a major fiery crash that shut everything down. I then managed to tweet at Delta and they changed my flight with no fuss. That part was awesome.

Fast forward to this week. My flight was supposed to depart at 7am. But mother nature had other plans. And, with that my three-day business trip was over and done with. And, I felt a grand weight lifted off of my shoulders. I felt free. I felt happy. I felt determined to make the most of it. It was as if I had been gifted a day. That sense of bliss is indescribable.

I proceeded to hop, skip, and jump in puddles. I ran up the stairs. I tickled the dog. I went to a local bakery and bought two bread puddings. One, was just not going to do. I threw in a key lime tart as well. Then I went to the arcade. My son won a huge bonus number of tickets. Then, I went and got a most delicious barbecue salad. I even contemplated going to the movies. Alas, poor yorick, there was no good movie to catch. I ordered some shoes. Ate some pickles. Caught up on How to Get Away With Murder. That was an underwhelming ending. Can’t win it all. But I also wrote a random tweet about enjoying life and puddles, and it surprisingly got over 2,000 likes.

Every day is a gift. But this was especially wonderful. It was a day I didn’t think I’d have for myself. And, I tried to enjoy it and just be happy. I even went and got a lotto ticket. Cause you never know. Question is, where did I put that ticket?

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  1. ❤ Love this! I actually took a moment to read this because I am heading to the airport for a 21 hour flight to the Philippines. Needless to say, I DO NOT want to miss my flight, but it sounds like you had a wondrous time 😛 Here’s hoping that the monsoons are creating some great puddles on the islands. I love playing in the rain! 🙂


  2. “It was as if I had been gifted a day. That sense of bliss is indescribable.”

    This Part Really Stood Out.. Just Got Back From Winn Dixie a Southern
    Grocery Store if you are not in the know hehe.. and speaking of that A Rather
    Wrestler Looking Dude Who Was a Vendor Stocking Some Food Items at the
    Store Accused me From a Distance to my Wife of Doing a “Pirouette” and
    Asked My Wife if i Belonged to Her and She Said yes That’s My Big Kid…
    i saw the Discussion From a Distance and by the way i had no idea
    what a “Pirouette” Was had to Look it up on Google to See that
    it was a Ballet Spin Where one Leg Lifts off the Ground and
    No at 240 Pounds Both of my Legs Stay Close to the
    Ground as a Sprained or Broken Ankle is no way to
    Dance.. anyway before my Wife Repeated
    His Part of the Discussion to me
    i Floated Back up the Aisle
    Toward them and
    Directed a
    Question to the
    Vendor.. Do You have any
    Idea what i am doing he said
    Dancing i said no this is Martial
    Arts and like an Automatic Rifle
    i sent 5 Lightening And Thunder
    Fast Martial Arts Kicks at About
    Chest Level around a Quarter of
    an inch away from a Food Display
    he said don’t knock it over but it’s okay
    if you do cause it’s not his Food Display and
    i said no worries i do not miss Years of practice…
    of course i’ve never taken a Dance or Martial Arts
    Lesson and Never will.. by the way Suspended Bridges
    are the one thing i am afraid of i have to drive close to a crawl
    when i go over them but Ballet Dancing in the Reddest Trump
    State Panhandle of All With the Farm Boys No Problemo at all..
    it’s always like
    that ‘Terminator 2′
    Scene at’ the ‘Red
    Neck Bar right before
    i asked to Borrow the
    Shades from the Dude with a Shotgun hehe..
    i kid you not “It was as if I had been gifted a day.
    That sense of bliss is indescribable.” A Cat and
    Mouse Game me and Trump’s Minions do Play..;)


  3. You need to designate a spot near the front door only for things like the lottery ticket – and clean it out regularly.

    Having set up a whole bunch of hooks (24) in the pantry that is right by our entrance means that when I have the energy for a trike ride, I just grab the black backpack with the helmet – and whole host of things I might need – add phone, water, and the bracelet with the button that tells the facility I need help, and I’m off. No gathering of stuff. It makes it so much easier, especially because I have so little energy. And after doing each thing a couple of times, it’s down to a routine.


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