And, for what?

I was just sitting here laughing, giggling. I was deciding which trips to take. Which membership awards to activate for any one of the trips I want to go. I must admit, I’ve been wanting to go to Greenland for a long time. Now, the rage is to contemplate such an excursion. I doubt many will go. Not for lack of interest. But, unstead, for lack of a really long trip. Look it up. Look it up. As I giggled and googled, I wondered what will come of it all. My mind raced through many past scenarios where I wondered as to the utility of the actions of many. How did I go from happiness to this state of reflection. Mind you, it came and went. Much like my love of pretzels. But I have to directly ask, what did you get out of your very bad actions. You know you did wrong. You know you injured another. You know you were a false being. And, for what? You can get past it, most assuredly. The first few nights were riddled with anxiety. Then, you slept better and better. But a giggle. A sound. A text reminds you of how horrible you were at a certain point in time. And, for what? Now, it’s time for the regularly scheduled programming. Whatever it may be.

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