It was as if everything had been put on mute


Obviously a storm had come on by. A big storm it would seem. A fairly easy phenomenon to investigate.  Or so they thought. They had noticed a splash of red splatter throughout the sidewalks. Their curiosity rightly piqued. They followed the trail and noticed there were several paths of red leading to the front door of a particular house.


They went up to and in the house, having found the front door open. No one was around. As a matter of fact, nothing moved. Not even the air. Nothing made a sound. It was as if everything had been put on mute. They both had goosebumps that were starting to turn bright red. They made their way upstairs and into the master bedroom. From the bathroom they heard one sound. A drip. They peeked into the bathroom and in the tub the water was filled to the max and in the middle was an exact replica of the street and the house they were currently in. Then something moved in the water.  A hand came out pointing behind them and there stood a water vortex that swept them on up into the tub and they joined the other figurines.

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  1. This Reminds me been carrying around a Vortex in my Left Hand all my Life Spirals around At my WillFull Command now
    Granted i have Extreme
    Tactile Sensitivity and
    Mirror Neuron Touch
    Empathy but just
    What if it’s A Brand
    New Mini-me
    Milky Way In
    The Palm of
    My Left Hand
    Or it Could
    Be Just
    Poem Finding
    Infinities in less
    Than A Grain of Sand
    True though when we
    Hold Hands With
    Other Humans
    We Have Another
    World in our Hands
    But i don’t even
    Have to Do that

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