I’m raising my son to be brave

Growing up my mom was often quite fearful. Yet she was very brave. Let me explain. I grew up in the South Bronx. It was not necessarily the safest area for a young girl or many others. Things have since changed but there was fear of crime in those parts.

My mother had a recurring dream where we were in a supermarket and I disappeared. That dream haunted her day and night. She worried constantly about me. As a teenager I didn’t want my mom to worry about me. Or rather I didn’t want her to show her worries in front of my friends. But her fears sunk deep into my subconscious. It was there whether I acknowledged it or not. Then one day my mom let go of her fears allowing me to go to boarding school in Massachusetts. And, although that was not super far it might as well have been in another galaxy. But she let me go. She was brave. And, I became brave.

Fast forward to the other day where I was with family at a party. Many of the kids there were fearful. The parents smothered and kept the kids on a very tight leash. They were shocked that my son was independent. Don’t get me wrong. He is still my baby and I still baby him. But I allow him to be free. He also talks to anyone. He also is up for adventures. He also is anti-bullying. He will call out a bully and defend others. We all need to do that.

Some people let fear drive them. And its ok to be afraid in a moment. There are potentially many anxiety-provoking situations in which we may find ourselves. But fear can’t or shouldn’t be our baseline.

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  1. Fear IS A Staple of Cowardice
    A Tool Most used through HiSTorY
    To Subjugate/Control Others True.. Empty
    Promises are Just as Dangerous to Separate
    And Bring Hate In other Words Promising Both
    A Faux Carrot and Stick
    like Bad News
    Hate now at
    the Beginning
    of the End for
    Those who
    Carrots and Sticks..
    More interesting Instant
    Gratification that is Real
    may Be A Hardest Real Carrot to
    Rise Below Enough to Rise Above for Real
    Life Is Complicated Your Son is Lucky to have
    Not only a Loving Mom but a SmART one too
    for Honestly Love is not
    days’ for sure..
    Art And Reason Yin
    and Yang Dark and Light
    Our Stories continue to Tale our Lives For Real..:)


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