And there were puppets bearing their likeness

They had gone for a walk during their lunch break. The morning had been intense, chaotic, and frustrating. Talk, talk, and more talk. Accusations flew. Lines drawn. Minds hardened. They needed to clear their minds. They needed to get out of their heads. Off they went.

They walked for 20 minutes when they realized they didn’t know where they were at. They came upon an interesting building which looked both inviting and foreboding. Of course, the no trespassing sign made them want to look into it even more. They tried looking in but it was all dark.

They found a side entrance through which they went. There was paradise. Or so it seemed at first. Then they went into a room that looked like their meeting room. And. there were puppets bearing their likeness. And, there were puppet masters. Their lives weren’t real. But were they?

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