That was a moment of sheer panic

Last weekend I woke up a bit sleepy and groggy. Which is to be expected. That’s what the weekend is supposed to be feel like. Check! I woke up around 6:00am or so and grabbed my phone. How very 2019! I immediately went on Twitter as that is from where I get my breaking news. And sure enough there was breaking news. Sadly, in the span of 13 hours we had two mass shootings. I had gone to sleep watching the news regarding the El Paso shooting. I woke to catch the Dayton shooting. I texted my sister the news and she couldn’t believe it was so. Yes, it was.

I got up and made myself two cups of coffee. That is my standard. I needed normalcy in an odd world. I turned on the television and caught sone eye witness reports of the latest shooting. I then switched to my DVR to watch NCIS: Los Angeles. I’ve been binging on it all summer. Maybe it’s my way of staying connected to the city of Angels. It seems so long ago that I was there.

Thirty minutes later major sirens start blasting through the building. Then someone comes on to say we must all get out quickly and couldn’t use the elevators. It was a declared emergency. I figured someone burned some morning toast somewhere. Yet, the loud sirens and slamming doors were unnerving. Then we all hit the stairs. I’m on the 23rd floor. Then my son and I got separated.

I was in panic mode but remained calm (ish). I called him on his cell. He was worried something really bad was happening. He’s gone through numerous active shooter drills at school. He knows one has to run, hide, fight. I assured him this was probably burnt toast. But the morning news certainly played out somewhere deep in my head. I pushed it out and focused on finding my son. We reunited on the 9th floor. There are about 8 stairwells in my building so it all took some coordinating. But we made it back to each other and all was fine. Those few minutes of heing apart, however, were torture. Absolute torture. And that was just an alarm in a tall high-rise. I can’t imagine other events and scenarios where you have to find a loved one in a chaotic, dangerous scene. I hope people can find ways to reconnect with one another and always stay in touch with their humanity.

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  1. Demagogues Rise where Impoverished Souls Fall…
    Nature Both in And Out
    of Species out of Balance Naturally Culls… Live And
    Let Die… Guns And Roses…
    There are New Tools to
    Expedite Nature’s
    Karma… Approaching
    Earth From Space no
    Doubt Clothes of Culture
    Are Eating the Living
    Face of the Earth…
    When Trees
    And Bees
    Go so Do We…
    We Have Much
    Bigger Problems
    When the Species
    As Whole is
    Killer of
    The Face of
    Living Earth…
    Trump is Nature’s
    Mirror uncovering
    Sins of the
    His Minions
    Exposed as Well…
    Plant A Tree Feed A Bee
    Get Naked again and
    Do not
    For me at Least…
    Heaven is not popular
    But i’m enjoying it
    As Long as
    Peace Lasts…
    Others Will make Due..:)


  2. Yikes! That must have been terrifying. I think panic itself can be dangerous, like with everyone cramming to get out. I’m glad everyone’s okay. Like you, I’d be desperately trying to make sure loved ones are okay, it’s heartbreaking to think of a situation like that and those who can’t find their friends and family  ♥
    Caz xx


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