My left eye is wide awake

It’s 4:17am and I am awake. I shouldn’t be. I went to sleep exhausted expecting to sleep through to at least 6:00am. That would be late for me. That would be delightful. But tick tock here I am. I’m wide awake writing to hopefully bring on the sleep. One eye does want to remain closed. And, I don’t blame it.

My right eye is shut and I’m writing this with one eye open but not really seeing. My mind is racing. Tick tock. Tick tock. How is it that my left eye is wude awake. I think I need to have a sit down conversation with it. I need to tell it it’s time for some shut eye. But the way things have been in the world, maybe its best to sleep with one eye open. It can’t hurt, I suppose. Although, it may get tired and my right eye appears to like sleeping. It is the eye by which I can see from less clearly. Makes sense it would want to rest and shut out the world.

I know this might all seem a tad bit strange. Maybe even manic. But we have all had nights like these where our racing minds won’t let us sleep and we start concocting odd little short stories. Or perhaps that’s just me.

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  1. OG.. the More Creative
    i become the more Life seems like ‘A Twilight
    Zone’ Yes A Hologram
    A Play Without Time
    Distance And Space
    That We All Co-Create…
    True i also Woke At 4 AM
    Perhaps 17 Minutes
    After as When i ask
    My Wife what time
    It is She tends to
    Low Ball to
    Motivate me
    Back to sleep yet
    i felt it that Semi-Manic
    Creative Storm BReWinG
    Been turning my SmART
    Phone off should i reboot
    to set WorDs on Fire
    Alive A Consistent
    Poetry Prompt
    Just one Time
    Zone East
    to continue
    And Start another
    Day Filled Twilight
    Zone aS iMaGiNaRiuM
    Continues to Expand
    Ha! Chaos MaGiC Rains..
    It’s True in Avatar Life
    Even Evil Does
    Not Have
    To Trump Joy
    A Child’s
    EYeS NeVeR Dying
    In Golden Towers of
    FiLLeD Hate..
    Light Wins…
    oF itS OWN..:)


  2. For me, too much salt – nuts, popcorn, even food that need salting – late at night means I’ll be up for hours. Maybe the blood pressure is a little higher, something’s flowing better – dunno.

    But I’ve learned that my body craves that salt (as in popcorn the other night), and I shouldn’t give it to my body that late. Or I will have trouble sleeping.


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