They were lulled into a beautiful dream

They had made their way to this charming small town tucked away far, far from the masses. It had been a dream come true to come here.

Everything had been perfect. The wine. The food. The desserts. The people had been a bit quirky but it could have just been cultural nuances. Although, the whispers behind their backs, the lack of direct eye contact, and a major push to over feed them left them wondering what the were missing culturally. None of this had been in the guide books.

Didn’t matter. It was still perfect. They boarded the train reluctantly as they didn’t want to go home just yet. Once on board the seats were super cushioned. They were lulled into a beautiful dream then they all woke up at the same time and everything seemed frozen in time. No one was awake. No one moving. And they were in a never-ending dark tunnel. What was happening? What was happening?

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