Don’t argue with people committed to misunderstanding you

Sometimes no matter what some people will never get you. It may be a concerted effort on their part to just take everything you say and twist it. It may be that they don’t like all your cute shoes. It may be that they felt they deserved your job. It may be that they don’t like Geminis. It really doesn’t matter why they don’t want to get you, it just matters that your words are pretzels in their world. And, what matters even more is that you shouldn’t get caught up in such a web of willful misunderstanding.

If some don’t get you because of true differences in experiences and so forth, that is something different. Especially, despite having a different life framework, they try to understand.

But let’s go back to those who engage in willful misunderstanding. You are never going to win an argument with such people. You are never going to make a valid point in their eyes. You just need to walk away. And walk away quickly with your head held up high. Your energy is best saved for situations where their is a sense of mutual trust and commitment to understsnding one another.

Now. This does not mean you don’t try to change someone’s mind or perspective. We need to be able and willing to engage in such discussions. It’s healthy. Or can be. But a completely, closed-off individual determined to twist your words can’t be taken seriously. And, as Kenny Rogers noted “you got to know when to fold them, know when to roll them”.

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  1. No Matter What anyone ‘Thinks’
    i Exercise A Right To Dance Yet
    i Give Those Who Do Not Dance
    A Right to Their Other Place i Left..:)
    PS.. Being
    Gemini is
    Super Awesome
    Hehe For me’s at Least..;)


  2. Well? Here’s some organ up your nose! 😛😛😛😛😛 If you’re like me, you want to try but the organ up the nose… The introduction of foulest poison going on like that damn organ music woo who farted up the enjoyment of this chance…. And then, aghast!! Charmed-i’m-sures? Peeeee-y-uke! Popcorn? 🙂


  3. I hear you! There is someone that I have to put up with a couple of times a year ( our son’s girlfriend/partner who we see when we visit him in England) and it requires that I just do not take her up on whatever it is that she is finding fault with about me at the time. Smile and nod is my way out.


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