Sun, key lime, crispy fries, and threatening storms in Key West

I have loved key lime pie for a good twenty years. I love sour. I love sweet. I like brightly colored food. Despite such love, I hadn’t made it yet to Florida’s Key West. That is not until this past weekend. And it was a most wonderful quick trip. It wasn’t spontaneous. It wasn’t planned. That is my type of trip.As soon as we got to the hotel, I was handed a glass of champagne. Then, they brought me two mango mai tais at the same time. I chuckled and noted I couldn’t drink all that. The server shrugged, squinted, and laughed. That was how the trip was going to go.I enjoyed my key lime pies. But didn’t get to eat dessert at all three daily meals. I was saddened by that. I truly believe breakfast should start with dessert. And while I liked my key lime pues, I loved all the french fries I got there. Go figure. They were an extra dose of crispy just the way I like it. What about Key West leads to such divine fries? I have no idea. But I wish I had some more.I also relished in the fact that there were a multitude of quick thunderstorms. I love summer storms. And, I love rainbows. And, I caught a most beautiful rainbow on my last morning there. I’m taking it as a sign of things to come.And, while it was very hot down in Key West. It was actually slightly cooler than New York. I had escaped to the Keys to cool down. That was quite bizarre. But I thoroughly enjoyed the sun, sunrises and sunsets. Everyday, I stood at the window to catch it all.Every once in a while you need to purposefully connect with the universe. And, the Keys are a great place to do so. Onwards, to the next adventure.

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  1. SMiLes Hehe Yes now i mean
    to compete my Navarre Beach
    is More Beautiful Than Your
    Florida Keys Vacay Beach
    Yes Our Storms are More
    Magnificent the Beaches
    Sugar Whiter No
    More Emerald
    Green Waters
    than the Island View my
    Great Grandfather Settled
    And Even Helped Name hAha
    As Family Legends Birth and Die
    Unless Newer Story Tellers come to Life..
    True though Your Sunset is More Magnificent
    But Only Because Our Majestic RiSinG Thunder
    Heads Cover A Master Piece Painting of Pastels
    in Gorgeous
    Grey Shades
    Yesterday As usual
    the Next Blog Post
    Will More than Prove
    What i Claim as WHere
    i come from there is no less
    than Extraordinary as Home is Staycation Beach
    Heaven Within iNSide Yes All Around By God HoMe..
    Hey ‘Staycation Beach Heaven Within’ Got a New Title
    Thanks if i am not Careful Folks Will Get Tired of Steak
    And Ice Cream too.. hehe.. only reason i conjure up a bit of
    and then
    too with WiNKs..;)


      • Haha not unlike Cocaine
        Imagine What Happens
        If you are restricted
        To A Diet
        Of Vanilla
        Ice Cream
        For 10 Years
        Hehe.. Yes then
        Come Back now
        And Describe What
        Flavor Hell is in Livid Colors All Animals are
        Evolved For Intermittent
        Gratification No Vanilla
        Ice Cream
        (Indian Goddess of
        DarK) Derived For Real hehe.. for any Chance
        oF LiGHT..;)


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