Majoring in the minors

Back in college, I had a lot of academic interests. Although, there was never any question that psychology would be my major. My major major. I ended up with a double major with political science. I know I was a major nerd, geek, or whatever other term that is appropriate. And, I still managed to party. Living abroad my senior of high school prepared me well for a sense of college balance.

Alongside my majors, I also had a couple of minors. I did film and art history. It’s a pattern that I have manage to maintain throughout my life. I am a doctor of psychology who is a healthcare executive but who also loves photography and writing- flash fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. A balance, where both sides of your brain are activated, can lead to a happier life. Or so it does for me. And, it is within that context that I laughed at a newly learned phrase.

In talking with a colleague, they noted that a particular person majors in the minors. I had never heard that phrase. But it was apt. Quite so. I loved my my minor fields of college study. However, I didn’t major in them because I had a larger life goals in mind. Although, mind you I did almost go to film school as I declined at the last minute. But ignore that last point. Actually, all of this is just tangentially related. I did my digression again.

Many years ago, we were in the midst of preparing for a congressional event. Lots of big items still needed to be thought throught and planned out. Yet, a particular individual became irate that the folders had a label in the middle as opposed to the edge. It was quite a thing to watch as this individual became more and more obsessed with the label. I just sat down and pulled out my imaginary popcorn. Then I assured this individual it would be all be ok and that someone would most assuredly fix all the labels. I left that room, thought about the labels for a minute more and therafter never again. Well, until now.

Apparently, there are people who lose the forest for the trees. Or is that vice versa? There are people who can’t seem to focus and take action on larger items for consideration. Instead, they get stuck on tiny side issues. Maybe because those are easier to tackle. The problem is that the larger issues snowball and snowball eventually becoming an avalanche. Sometimes you just have to major on the majors.

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