Category: Academia

Majoring in the minors

Back in college, I had a lot of academic interests. Although, there was never any question that psychology would be my major. My major major. I ended up with a double major with political science. I know I was a major nerd, geek, or whatever other term that […]

The view from the back

  When I was a young girl, I was a major nerd that definitely tried to get in good with the teachers. I was sweet, timid and smart. The teachers did, for the most part, like me. I was their success story. When school district administrators came by […]

Dancing the Charleston like Beckham

While growing up, I was a little girl looking for a mentor within the school system. I had been labeled gifted and lived in a poverty-stricken neighborhood. Those that could mentor, looked for those to mentor. We would build our community resources through informal relationships and gumption.  I […]