Are we too unforgiving?

Social media, according to many recent studies, has some degree of association with anxiety or depression. It can certainly help bring people together and create a community. And through that help some people feel supported. And, that is great. And, that is how I try to use social media. However, for many, social media leads to unrealistic upward comparisons. And, by now most of us are hip to the fact that all those happy posts are not a person’s whole story. How many times have we seen a super lovey dovey couple posting sugary sweet items about one another and then the next day their relationship status has been downgraded? But this all isn’t even my main point. But it is part of the context.

Through social media like Facebook you often just get exposed to likeminded thoughts. Someone posts something different and you unfriend them. For the record, I have never unfriended someone on Facebook. On Twitter you can mute or block accounts. Diversity of thought seems to be a fantasy for our society these days.

And it is in this unrelentless stream of opinions and posted emotions, in which we as a society have become too unforgiving. I read a blog post by a therapist who noted we have become a “cancel” culture and that it is unhealthy for us as individuals. We move on too quickly from someone for a wrong gesture, word, or attire. And it can be from yesterday or twenty years ago. Obviously (or so I think) abhorrent acts such as rape, murder, abuse, discriminatory behavior etc. don’t get easily forgiven, if ever. But do we need to move on so quickly from so many people?

Many people know that I am not readily offended. I have had to suffer through many indignities in life and try to address them and move on. That’s not a tactic for everyone. I get that. It’s just who I am. But even I, have at times come close (or maybe even done so) to getting wrapped up in online outrage sessions that maybe weren’t so warranted.

I’m not too sure if any of this makes sense or I am being too abstract. Today I felt a twinge of disappointment at someone who I haven’t “cancelled” despite all evidence pointing to a need to. Today, I came to tell myself it may very well be time. And, in thus instance it would be warranted and thus healthy to do. I’m not saying don’t write people off but I’m just advocating for some judiciousness. It’ll free up some space in your life. Yes, yes it will.

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  1. It’s still inevitable Social Animals that Consume too much Abundance Now are Culled by Either External
    or ‘Devices’ of the
    Group in Short We
    Are The Monkeys
    And Technology
    Is our One Armed
    Bandit Without A Soul
    SMiLes my Friend the
    Terminator Movie
    Is Real I’m back too
    And ‘the Machines’
    Do eat Away my Soul
    On the Second Version
    Of this Movie too.. And
    No it’s not a Brave New
    World Fear accompanies
    The Decline of the thrive
    Of A Social Animal Day to
    Days there is no Heaven
    Without Hell
    No Make
    That is
    Truly Safe..
    Die By The Sword
    Starve Souls in the ‘Crack’
    It’s a Silent Earthquake
    Folks are falling falling…
    Zombie Apocalypse Now
    i See Dead People everywhere
    i Dance
    Only A Song
    To Play With Now..:)


  2. I have found that many people with talk in ways on social media that they wouldn’t in real life. My friends will have rude arguments on Facebook when in real life they would word things differently and have a more civilized discussion about things.
    I’ve learned things about my friends since Trump entered office I wish I never knew. I haven’t unfriended any of these people, but I have hidden them so I won’t see their posts. It causes me way too much anxiety. I left all social media except my blog for over a year.
    I actually forgive easily, often way too easily, I just choose what kind of stimuli I’m subject to on a daily basis.
    Before social media we didn’t see or hear our friends so much, perhaps it’s too much sometimes. 🤔

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  3. Yes it’s a beautiful feeling to forgive people. But I don’t know whether it’s just me or everyone else. I end up regretting that second chance given to someone. It’s completely worth not writing off people who mean so much to you and are an integral part of your life. If it’s otherwise I think it’s best to remove the negativity and move on. There’s a reason it dint work out right? And once something’s broken, no matter how much you try to fix it up it still remains the same. Instead that energy can be channelized elsewhere? This understanding of mine has been mainly been due to bad experiences of the past from amongst friends mostly. Maybe things work out better for some people. And I’m just really happy for them. You’re lucky 🤗


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