Halfway through the year: Can we hit the pause button?

I know this happens year after year, but it does feel like each year goes by super quickly. We just hit the year halfway mark and yet it feels just like yesterday we were celebrating New Year’s eve. It seems like just yesterday goals for the year were being set. It seems like just yesterday I was wondering what is up next. Wait! That did happen yesterday.

Anyway, the year is going by quickly. And the summer even faster. My son just finished his school year two weeks ago. Yet, it already feels like summer is almost over. I haven’t even planned my summer vacation yet. Can we collectively just hit the pause button? At this rate, I just can’t catch up to my life goals. Or just this year’s goals.

I need to pull out my vision board and see what I had envisioned for myself. I know my vision board had a lot of pinks and blues. And, I have accomplished that. No, seriously. I started wearing blues and I decorated my new place with blue accents. I wanted to brighten up my space-my collective physical, material and head space. Done. Check. I also wanted to lose weight. And, I have. I am back to where I was two years ago. And, that feels great. Check. I know I also wanted to travel more again. There I have not made much progress. I’m doing a lot of local travel and have been to some places I haven’t been to before. That is good. But I want more. In my defense, I have to note that the whole Boeing situation has impacted my travel in that there are less flights and less direct flights than before to the places I wish to go to. Stuff happens.

Last year had been a great year in terms of movies. I went back to the movies in full force. This year feels a bit ho hum. Sure, Avengers Endgame was good. But I had wanted most excellent. Netflix’s Always Be My Baby was very funny-especially Keanu Reeves. Also, I just loved Netflix’s Russian Doll. I couldn’t stop watching it. But many other things have been disappointing.

The Super Bowl was not memorable. At least not for me. The Grammys were ok. The Oscars were memorable for that odd Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga duet. He’s now no longer with his girlfriend. The women’s soccer has been thrilling. But will I remember it next year? The news is a one-note show. Boring.

I feel like I am sounding a bit jaded. It’s not my intention to be so gloomy. I’d just like to slow things down and see if the party gets turned up.

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