I did a Netflix binge and now I own a tutu

I love binging television shows. Some shows you really need to as the plotting is complicated. Case in point the television show called Cloak & Dagger. I truly cannot imagine watching that on a weekly schedule. But catching three episodes or so in a sitting, I can follow the supernatural, mystic elements of the storyline. No way, the “previously” scenes help you stay grounded in the show. There are individuals out there who still like appointment television. Meaning they catch the episodes live. But it really doesn’t do it for me anymore.

With that said, I decided to binge watch an old television show. Thankfully Netflix exists for such cravings. I went on a Sex and the City bingewatch. I liked the show when it first came out. Or so I thought. I knew much about it including the characters and eateries. However, back then, I had never watched the show with any frequency or consistency. Then one weekend this past month I couldn’t sleep and decided to start watching the show. And, then I didn’t stop until I watched the series finale.

I was surprised by some of the episodes. I was surprised by some silly plotlines such as Carrie’s introduction to email. Wow. How long ago was the show? I guess I surprised myself in not realizing how far back this show went. It truly must have seemed a bit revolutionary at that point in time. And, while I knew that fashion was a huge part of the show’s appeal I didn’t get how outrageous the outfits were. I sat there this past weekend wondering about Carrie’s outfits and how could they be considered everyday attire for New York women?

I decided to take myself up on a challenge: try dressing like Carrie. I already always wear dresses and cool shoes everyday. Just today someone commented on how fashionable I am and how I look like I put thought into my outfits. But, I don’t dress like I’m going to a Met gala.

What I decided to do was to order a tutu from Amazon.

I thought it would be fun to wear and would give me a good sense of how far one can push fashion. The tutu arrived and I immediately placed it in my closet. I have yet to wear it. But when I do, I’ll wear one of those cameras to get people’s reactions. Let’s see how it goes.

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  1. You bought a Tutu….
    Multi coloured….

    ME TOOO!!

    Not really but I get it, those little impulse buys that boast your morale on a flagging day or give you a nice treat to look forward to (as a reward!)
    So wear it freely, just don’t be too surprised if folks in white coats start following you!


  2. I love this post for many reasons…and it has me thinking I need to revisit that show as well, but I’m in the middle of Wentworth and that’s a hard back and forth. Being able to binge shows really is amazing to me, it does make me wonder how I dealt with anxiety waiting weekly for some episodes-worse, months to years between seasons. My main joy here tho-that damn tutu. Great buy…I love it!!!


      • I’m definitely a little batshit crazy obsessed with Wentworth!!! I got rather attached to all the characters so when seasons end it’s real hard lol…the grit can catch you off guard though so if you do pick it up-beware it can be pretty violent. I hope your tutu brings a lot of joy to ya 🙂

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  3. Fabulous tutu! I hope you will follow up with a post about the looks and reactions you get. Depending on where you live and walk about you may just fit in with the norm. And is there any chance of a photo?


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