I’ve given up on sorting my utensils

Ever since I was a little girl, I hated putting the dishes away. In particular I hated putting the utensils away. Placing items into those little set cube spaces seemed so tedious. Rather, was so tedious. I detested it.

I know it’s strange for such a minor-seeming thing to stir such strong emotions, but it did. Furthermore, I had the problem of being very superstitious. And, I was taught early on that utensils were magical and predictive. A fallen spoon meant a female would be stopping by. A fork, a male would soon come by. A knife meant a fight was eminent. If you are superstitious then sorting utensils had a lot deeper meaning and could be high stakes.

Throughout the years, I got over my dislike of sorting utensils. I didn’t detest it but I surely still didn’t care for it. Now, I’ve managed to move into the realm of not caring to the point I no longer sort utensils. I just throw the utensils into the drawer. And such a simple act has freed up a space in my life. I have one less chore. That’s a win even if super tiny.

It is amazing how much of our day-to-day lives are filled with such chores. Just shifting one over is freeing. Start small and end big. It’s worth a try.

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  1. ‘Spoon Theory’
    Excellent Psychologist
    Advice.. i throw my
    Utensils now all in one
    Drawer.. my ‘Odd Couple’
    Wife (the ‘normal’ Daughter as i am the
    Rest of the Cast in
    The ‘Adam’s/Munster
    Family’ TV Shows)
    She sorts every
    And the Bottoms
    Of the Towels are
    Perfectly aligned
    In all the Bathrooms..
    Meanwhile she is
    Always Running
    Out of
    My Spoons
    Runneth over
    As i only
    Fight the
    Bears of Life..
    And Fear is no
    Utensil Sorted Reality
    For me Now in File


  2. If you can find what you want when you need it, why shouldn’t you do as you please?

    I like them lined up because I can reach into the drawer in low light in the middle of the night – and not get forked. But if husband didn’t put them away like that, I’d probably do what you do. What does it matter?


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