It’s a deeply emotional wrap: Avengers Endgame

I came in “late” to the Marvel Comics Universe. I didn’t catch Iron Man when it first came out. Although, I heard from everyone how great that movie was -especially for a superhero film. And, that this was truly Robert Downey Jr’s comeback. I wanted him to succeed. I loved him way back when in Less than Zero. I didn’t catch any of the Thor movies either. I didn’t catch Hulk. But I started watching the Avengers. The group dynamics enticed me. The give and pull of different superhero psychological needs intrigued me. Avengers Civil War seemed liked an appropriate movie for pushing forth a larger story of friendships, alliances and what it means to be the best you. I was hooked thereafter. Black Panther was just unbelievable. And Avengers: Infinity War was heartbreaking. Or so I thought until I just saw Endgame. That was heartbreaking but also emotionally cathartic.

I won’t give away the ending here. But this I will say. The first hour was more about establishing how they fared after Infinity War. The second hour was about the plan. The third hour was about the fight. While I liked this film and teared up, I liked Avengers Infinity War better. I think of it this way. If I were to have seen the Rolling Stones 20 some years ago it would have probably been an amazing show. If I were to see them now, it would he amazing because I would have caught them before their retirement.

And, it seems many people around the world may be thinking similarly. This film, which has broken many box office records in just 5 days, represents a monumental moment in the history of cinema. A moment that the entire world is seemingly experiencing together. We all needed to know the end. When the movie ended, besides a few plot holes, many of us were left wondering “now what”? Where do we take the threads and crumbs from the end of the movie. I feel the way I did at the end of the Harry Potter series. I wanted more but I also knew that the journey had to end. As I have noted previously about other things, part of the journey has to be the end. The question is whether that end is satisfying and clear, or its just the end for this particular track. A legacy is comforting. A new journey picking up on one bit of the thread helps the brain process the situation. And, the heart beatson.

Before I pack this but up, I will note that in this film, I loved Thor. He was my favorite when he never was before for me. I got his plight and his reaction. I got the despair and disrepair. I got his fear. His love. His nostalgia. And, I was happy about that because he gave me hope.

Overall, it was a good end. Here’s hoping for a new crew to take us forward in our superhero journey.

With that said, “I love you 3000s!” Is the new nighttime signoff for me and my son.

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  1. I love Thor because he has a backstory. He’s 3+1 dimensional. In addition to saving our world and his own familial tragedy, he has his own devastated people he has to lead. Think about it. He lost his mother, his father, had to battle his sister and lost his world, his brother and all his close friends, all in rapid succession. I think even his girlfriend dumped him. It is his fault that Thanos got to snap his fingers. The weight grows ever heavier on him but he isn’t down yet.

    Most of the heavy hitters in the Avengers are the same. I’ve known some of them for almost a decade. Even Widow and Hawkeye, who haven’t had a movie of their own, have been there and had great backstories.

    Captain Marvel is like the hot newcomer who expects you to love her character just because you are supposed to. She’s like a hitchhiker you and your friends picked up on the California border on your road trip from NY to LA. Glad to meet you, nice knowing you but you are still you and not really a part of us.


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