Do not enter when flooded

I was doing a listening tour of sorts the last few weeks. There’s an awful number of stressed out people. Many are very stressed. Some even anxious. It seems emotions are layering one on top of the other. And, many people are at their breaking point. Or, as someone explained to me recently, people are at capacity in terms of how much more they can take on or feel.

I was told that in some instances and communities there is a sense of feeling too much these days. Many are outraged. Many feel singled out. Many are tired.

As I was going through my thousands upon thousands of photographs on my phone, I came across one from my most recent cross-country trip. I took the photograph because of the hills. However, this week my eye lingered on the road sign. First off, Tortilla Creek seems like a cute name. I kept thinking of soup and not an environmental part of one’s trip that one needs to be on the lookout for. Second, the warning to not enter when flooded made me think of that individual who noted people are at their capacity, including those in the health professions.

I started thinking about whether we should have our own warning signs that flash loudly on our blouses/shirts. Sometimes we don’t know when to take a detour and not press forward. A warning sign could perhaps help simmer things down. It’s just a thought.

Of course, we could just approach each day and person with a smile and see how that goes. How’s that for a concept?

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  1. “It was on fire when I lay down on it.”
    Yeah, STILL too much stress – hubby said yes when asked if we would allow the homes tour to view our apartment. We’re still not unpacked!
    And he has to do all of it – it’s his stuff, his choices.
    Then I remember how good he was at making us look normal on the rare occasions we had dinner guests back in our suburban home in NJ.
    But the stress of constantly living in a mess, of it being a minefield to try to cross the living room, is getting to me. A lot. It’s as if I can’t settle down because I might be (and have been) called to help in some way or have workmen tramp through here or have visitors in a mess…
    I can’t seem to get back to writing: I can’t flee, I can’t fight, and I can’t become invisible.


  2. “I started thinking about whether we should have our own warning signs that flash loudly on our blouses/shirts.” I like it! Kind of like a mood ring, except for clothing. 😉


  3. Every day was a little worse than the last and the stress was building up. One day I came to work and just stared at the screen for an hour. Approach each day and each person with a smile and still get swatted down. It was my clue that the rats always lose the rat race no matter what they do. I was fortunate to be free to quit.

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  4. I think it’s the political climate. Many are grossly disappointed in the revealed dishonesty and lack of integrity in our elected officials, and even more so in people who seemingly don’t care. Putting these two factors together results in a somewhat combustible mix. Since most of us are powerless to actually do anything about it, we take it out on ourselves. The anger and bitterness about the situation is driven inwards until we “just can’t take it anymore.” Anyway, that’s my two cents worth.


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