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Rejoice on the beauty of a new day

I love getting up in the morning and waddling over to my windows to look out onto the world. I try to do it every morning, everywhere I have been. I get up fairly early with 8am being the latest I wake up. And, that’s like once every three months or more. Depending on the season it’s still either putch back or the beginning of a fiery sunrise. Both are beautiful to catch. I often grab my phone and take a photo of that morning’s outside scene. I like to capture a quiet moment of beauty. I particularly love doing so because I know that not many others in the surrounding vicinity are awake.

This morning I woke up and rejoiced at the beauty of a most calming sky. A sky that swirled and twirled. A sky that invited me to dance with it. A sky for which I had to awaken my son.

I cannot say this enough times. But get up and not only smell the roses but get drunk on the beauty of a new day. Feel the happiness of being alive and rejoice.

Sometimes if a day is super long, grueling, or tiresome, I look at my photographs. Those early morning photos, as well of those of my son, immediately give me a spring. It takes but just a few seconds to take in beauty.

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  1. Nothing like enjoying what nature offers us for our inner peace. The words come to light when that light gives you a blue sky. A reflection to start a new day with a good start. You enjoy reading yourself by radiating positive energies in your writings. A happy Sunday


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