Tiger Woods once again puts on a green jacket: An epic comeback

I am not a huge golf fan. Actually, I am no fan at all. If you ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there’s a fabulous episode in an alternate universe where Willow is a vampire and at one point she notes she is “bored now”. After which, she engages in full on evil behavior. When I watch golf I often think of that Willow scene. See there. This Buffy bit was not one of my well-known digressions. But back to actual golf.

I didn’t watch the Masters. I watched the last few minutes. You know, those minutes where Tiger Woods made many men cry. And, women too. I just so happened to be at the gym and it was all men there and the scene was electrifying. Even I did a hand raise on the elliptical. Why? Who doesn’t love an epic comeback story?

Tiger has had a rough decade. To say the least. His dad died. His marital strife and associated cheating scandal was intense. I mean there was a golf club involved. He then had surgery. Mutiple surgeries. His body was in pain. He got a DUI. He lost tournaments. He missed tournaments. A week ago, a sportscaster said that Tiger had zero chance of winning the Masters. Who doesn’t root for an underdog?

We like stories of redemption. We like seeing someone turn their life around. We like come-from-behind stories. These are rooted in our psyche. They give us a rush. We experience a surge of endorphins and an odd sense of empathy. We value, highly so, things that feel earned. This Tiger win feels “earned” to many people. Whether he has turned his personal life around is another story that we may or may not find out about. I’m sure many had wished his dad could have been there to hug him.But his family seemed immensely happy and proud of him. That has got to give people the “feels”.

The best part of those last few minutes of the event was his intense focus followed by jubilant relief. If only us all could go through that.

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  1. His personal problem was so mediatic that, despite not knowing much about golf, it was news that he won again in that dramatic way and the news was uploaded to every newspaper in the world. The tiger was reborn from its ashes.


  2. What Do Buffy and Tiger have in common and oh God how the HELL does
    Trump do what he Does too yes through Dark and Light they all engage the Higher Human Potential
    Flow accessible for slaying
    Ballet.. Golf.. Vampires and
    Even Democracy so who
    Will Rise and Flow Higher
    In Positive Flow of Light
    For Yes By God Both
    The Dark and
    Light Force Wear
    The Human Colors
    Of Flow The Nuclear
    Ingredient is Agape
    Love Beyond
    Distance Space
    And Time
    Become both
    Magic And Real
    The Science is
    Young the Art
    Is Timeless Ageless
    The Spirit of OverCome
    The Spirit of SuperHuman
    In Us
    The Turn
    Key To MaGiC Love
    Hehe Like when FSU
    Came back in a 31 point
    Come Back in the
    Fourth Quarter
    Years ago..
    To Defeat
    The Gators
    And all
    i Did is
    Watch in
    Flow Smiles
    Distance Space
    And Time is Erased..
    Golf is only the Beginning
    i started With Tennis At
    12 now
    i Dance
    And Sing
    Note: Don’t
    Follow FSU anymore but
    Did Catch Tiger 🐅 on
    Just for a Second..
    While we were having
    Dinner at the Marina Bay..
    Thanks for the Feedback Hehe..;)


  3. Having something you are immensely good at makes up for a multitude of sins, gives you a place where you are centered.

    It is worth the work – other people can’t earn what you can. But you have to put in the work – first.


  4. We were driving back from Florida, a three day drive, and listened to the Masters on satellite radio. We got home just in time to run in and see the 18th on tv. Magic! He is, IMHO, the most dramatic turn around in sports history both physically and mentally. Great to see this happen and to know that in CAN happen. Inspiring to all of us really.


  5. It’s great he’s turned things around, I totally agree. Even though I couldn’t care less about golf, I think most people know about Tiger Woods so we can all follow his story, his struggles and now his triumph! x


  6. Thx so much for posting this about Tiger!

    Since I followed him closely when he was younger + things came easy for him, I too am amazed at his perseverance. After all, after several major back surgeries that limited his mobility, Tiger just kept chugging along + accepted the fact that he had to work hard to compete.

    I read that in order to stretch out + get his body in gear, he was waking up at 4am on the days he had to compete. Amazing story + thx again! 🙂


  7. It didn’t surprise me. In an earlier charity tournament, where he went head to head with Phil Mickelson, it was right down to the final hole. I think psychotherapy and back surgery worked for him.


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