My true colors: My life in blue

I love pink. My phone was pink. My taser is pink. My pepper spray is pink. I have pink shoes (not that many-I have mostly gray shoes). I have pink dresses here and there.  I have never had pink hair, though. Hmm. Now there’s a thought. I wonder how people would react to me if I were to dye my hair pink. I would still be the same bossy, smart, and highly-driven me. Maybe I can try a pink wig for a bit to experiment on social perceptions. It could be a lot of fun. And, I like fun.  Who doesn’t? Well, I do know many buzzkillers. Regardless of all this, I love pink. However, my life colors are changing. Which had me singing Cyndi Lauper’s song True Colors.

In a non new-age manner, I believe that we all have certain colors that work best for us. Whether they capture our personalities, accentuate our fashion sense, or enhance our skin tones, there are colors we all gravitate towards. I have always been a blend of black, purple, and pink. And, I still love those colors. My numerous gray shoes go with all of those, especially purple. Nonetheless, I have added a new color this year.

I am now a blue girl. I like blue. I never did before. But I have added blue accents throughout my house. I have blue throughout my office space. And now, I am wearing bright blue dresses. And, they all really pop. It may be that this year, I wanted to break out from the past and apply a spring attitude to life for the whole year.  I associate blue with spring and Alice in Wonderland. And, this year feels like a mix of both of those things. It is a year of rejuvenation and extreme whimsy. Whenever I see blue, I also smell an ocean breeze. It may be a thirst for a brand new world.  Whatever it is, my life is now caked in blue. And, I expect it to be fun.

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  1. I enjoyed this post and I have added medium purple to my wardrobe tbis year so I can relate to the blue and new year and new you –
    And I have a question / in the photo is teal- and in my mind – blue is differ t from teal – hm – so do you mean you have lots of teal or both blue and teal


  2. The color depends on the mood you have or how you feel when you wear it. If the sea fills your favorite spaces, it is the right one. In tastes and colors, women know everything.


  3. Try the pink wig: I have had my hair many colours and I have enjoyed each and every one of them.

    For me, my palette has been predominantly black.. old school goth background and working as a Stage Manager wearing blacks backstage. There was white, and grey and reds – wines, garners, that kind of red.

    Your pink has been my green.. Paris Green, Forest Green, Dark Green, Emerald Green, Kelly Green, Shamrock Green.. my wardrobe has suddenly turned into a tree of life, to paraphrase Gothe. And I adore it.


  4. Like you, I’ve gone for pink a lot, but just love all the colours, and hate the fact that winter clothes are mostly dull. Nothing against black or grey but when the skies are miserable, we need colour.


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