Suitable for daily wear and dating

I am going to admit it. Not that there is anything to really admit. When people preface something with such a phrase, it makes it seem like there’s something for which to be apologetic. Thus, I am not going to admit to something. I’m just going to state. I love shopping on Amazon. I buy groceries on Amazon. I’ve bought furniture. I’ve bought books, games, and lots of toys.

I have also bought many dresses. People laugh when I tell them this and sometimes shake their head at me. Then, they’ll casually ask about a particular dress I’m wearing that they love. And, then I break it to the. Indeed, I bought it on Amazon. Surprisingly, almost everything I have bought has fit me. I think that’s amazing. I had resisted buying dresses online for the longest time because I worried about the fit. I figured I needed to buy in person so that I could try things on. Then, I reminded myself I hate trying clothes on. Detest it.


I like shopping. But I hate dressing rooms and overhearing crazy talk. Also, I found that when I was trying things on, I would grab “aspirational” clothes. It was a waste of time. Now, when I buy clothes online I’m pretty spot on size-wise. How’s that for the psychology of dress shopping? Now, I buy tons and tons of dresses online. Shoes as well. My shoe size hasn’t changed a bit in the last 20 years. Not even when I was pregnant. I was quite lucky as most people didn’t know I was pregnant till I was about six months or so. Unlike my sister who told the whole world at four weeks. That may be an exaggeration. But you get the point and I have digressed.

Actually, I’m right on point.

Today, while browsing ankle-length dresses online, I came across some awesomely fun and pretty pink dresses. I clicked on one to read the reviews and just get a better sense of it. As I scrolled down, I noticed in its product features section the dress was noted for being suitable for a party, daily wear, and dating. By daily wear I assume it means I can wear it for work. But yet it’s also suitable for a party and for dating. I don’t know about you, but it would seem to me attire for such occasions would look slightly different as it would convey different feels and be used in different environments. Unless, of course, you bring a date to a company Christmas party. I suppose then this dress would be perfect. Who knew there was such a market segment?

I somewhat kid, as I don’t readily believe in dressing as is perhaps dictated by other people. I love wearing dresses to work. Although, a very long time ago someone asked if I would use a pantsuit. To which I said no. Maybe, if I’m in the halls of Congress I’ll wear a pantsuit. But I’ll do so of my own accord.

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  1. Love this post. I also buy all of my clothes on Amazon, including all of my dresses which I have never had any problems with size wise. Just like you. And I also mainly wear dresses so another commonality. I think if I were in the halls of Congress I would still wear a dress.


  2. I used to buy clothing on Amazon, but I’ve found their quality has declined sharply in the past two years and the sizing is uneven also. I’ve had to send many things back. So, now I shop at store directly online, such as Chadwicks, which is probably my favorite. Glad you’re still having good luck with Amazon clothing ~ I buy lots of other things there.


  3. This is amazing, even i love shopping for walking for hours in mall and trying on cloths is my weak point, i dont like to do it. You express it so well. Can i be your biggest fan of writing?


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