Gong hei fat choy: I will sleep and travel well in this year of the pig


Happy new year. It is the year of the pig starting today.   I personally think pigs are very cute. They may be cuddly but have never had a chance to cuddle one so I do not know about their cuddle factor. There are many who have had pigs as pets and they swear they are awesome.  I think after the movie “Babe” they may have become even more popular.  I just absolutely adored that film and it brought me great joy at the end. In general pigs are portrayed as either dirty or very happy creature or both.

In some zodiac reviews, it is noted that the pig is a lover of life, pursuer of carefree fun, and a traveller at his or her core. I take great comfort in that, as my word of the year is joy and travelling generally brings me great joy. Thus, this being the year of the pig may be a sign of great trips to come. I am obsessed with and determined to go to Iceland. Hopefully, by May of this year. Now that I am back east I must make that journey. Even JetBlue flies directly to Reykjavik. I have no excuses, really.


Noe, according to the Chinese Zodiac I am a rat as is my son.  As such, as a rat in a pig year, I supposedly am advised to savor the things in my life, big and small. Yes!  I intend to find joy all around me.   Another site noted that as a rat, I will sleep well this year, and positive energies will abound in me.  I am loving this.




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  1. Hope very much you get to travel to Iceland this year – I got to visit 10 years ago and found it to be a most enchanting place and absolutely loved it. There are many interesting things to see, much beauty and really fun unique foods to try! Hope you will love it when you visit!!


  2. Hey! i was Born on
    6.6.60 which Makes
    Me a Chinese Rat Like
    You and Your Son Sadly
    The Folks in
    My Local
    Considered my
    Birthday 6’s as
    A Bad Omen
    But Us Rats
    Don’t Care
    We Scurry
    About For A Good Time..;)


  3. Ha! I am the year of the rat, too! Also, I read your title quickly, and without my glasses and thought it said, “go to hell fat boy. “ note to self “always wear your glasses. “. 😉


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