My gray dog is living a colorful life



Winston had quite an adventure the last few weeks. Actually the past year. He has been a very adaptable dog for which I am grateful. He endured two house moves. He made it through a cross-country trip. He is adjusting to new work schedules of his family. I suppose that he is just happy to be with his family knowing that no matter what or where he is with us to stay. He is a most awesome dog. I haven’t said that in a while but it must be stated. He is also a very personable, photogenic and gray dog. He camouflages with a lot of things in his environment, including our rugs. Again, we had the rugs first. We did not get the rug to match our dog.  But I digress just a little. Not my usual amount. Although, I could easily remedy that.  Although, my brain is a bit in stay-focused mode this morning due to a high number of other things I need to get done today and a high number of changes taking place today.  Eye on the prize for me today.  But not so much that I cannot brag about my most awesome dog who indeed does bring much happiness to the family. Just the way all dogs do.


Back to my dog’s grayness in a colorful world. Well. Anyway. Moving from California to New York, we drove cross-country and went through some beautiful places. This country is vast and rife with beauty. I am truly lucky to have visited all 50 states except for Alaska. I got to get on that last one sometime soon. And, I am lucky that my dog has experienced it as well. He has sniffed new smells. He has seen plants. He has been in blazing sun as well as cold snow. He also came across an array of colors in the natural environment as well as structures.






For a gray dog, he is living a colorful life.   And, may it continue for a long time to come.


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