There is nothing more awful, insulting, and depressing than banality so fight it

“There is nothing more awful, insulting, and depressing than banality.”

― Anton Pavlovič Čechov


We are still in the early part of the new month of the new year. The world should be filled with hope and be aspirational as well as inspirational.   Yet, there are some who insist on staying on a steady course. Sure, there is nothing horribly wrong with that. If something is working, so so many, why tinker with it? Stick with what works, right?  Yet, that thinking seems so ho hum. I completely agree that when things are going wrong you need to steady the ship and find what works and stick with it. For a while.  If you let things stay the same for too long you may fall back into mediocrity at best and catastrophe at worse.


If you have to make a new year’s resolution, then do so to combat banality. Its not a common resolution. And may be too abstract especially in comparison to losing weight or traveling more. Yet, fighting against banality may be life changing in a way that these other resolutions cannot be. Banality does shake things up. Doesn’t necessarily create environments for creative thoughts and solutions. Thus, as the new year starts to really get underway enthusiasm for the possible should override the tendency for the banal. or so we can hope.

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  1. As much as I enjoy reading Chekov’s fictional short stories, I would hardly look to him for philosophical guidance. 🙂 I rather like “staying the course.” Especially after having worked so hard to achieve a steady balance and to grow into the person I am today. My past attempts to expand that growth (in relationships) did nothing more than upset that balance and cause my personal growth to regress. So I have learned to be content with my life exactly as it is, rather than live with a constant and unnecessary thirst for more.

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  2. I am a lot of things but banality i don’t believe my life is. Just too many things interesting happened in my childhood but, the best thing was finding Jesus in my life, not banality but a beautiful gift,


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