I am not a coffee snob: Don’t make me grind my coffee beans


Compared to my family and a few other people I know, I started drinking coffee a bit later in life. I made most excellent coffee for my mother at the age of nine but I never felt compelled to drink it. I felt it was too bitter. And, I was more on a sugar bent growing up. Fast forward to when I had to finish up my dissertation quickly so that I could go on to get a post-doctoral fellowship. At that point I needed coffee. Or rather I needed caffeine as I was writing till 4am and going to classes at 10am.   Sure, I could have had green tea (which has a lot of caffeine) but I thought I would try coffee again and see what it was that my mother raved so much about. I started off, however, with straight up espresso shots. Yuck. I did not care for that. The same way I do not care for tequila or whiskey shots. Double yuck. But, despite my misgiving, I kept drinking those espresso shots. It was expedient. Then one day I had a frappuccino and I loved it. That is until I found out how many calories are in that. Back then I was super healthy and didn’t want to waste my calories. Anyway, I won’t go any further deeper into my coffee initiation. Suffice it to say, I continued to grow in terms of what I drank and the frequency with which I drank coffee.

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Now, while I completely agree with the Gilmore Girls take on coffee, I am not a coffee snob. I love drinking coffee in the morning. It wakes me up. It slows me down just a little before the craziness of the day kicks in, while I sip my morning coffee for about 15 minutes. It gives me a set routine upon which to guide me. So, its good. It’s all good.


However, I am not a coffee snob. Some people regale me with the grandness of certain coffees or certain coffee makers.  Sure, I get it. I have a nice coffeemaker. But its not 100s of dollars.  I like Hawaiian, Ethiopian, Puerto Rican coffee. Yet, I do not feel the need to grind it myself. Yet, many feel the need to give me as a gift nice coffee that needs grinding. I allow myself 15 minutes in the morning to sip my coffee but I have every other minute planned out as well. I don’t have time to grind coffee. It may seem like a minor thing to many, but my mornings are jam-packed.


Just give me coffee, coffee, coffee and let it be so.

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  1. I love my morning coffee but don’t particularly love the taste. I drink it black and sometimes add a splash of cream. It’s something about the experience that I love (the smell of it brewing, the warmth, and the energy) Enjoyed your post!


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