Your crooked alibi

From the moment I met you I knew you were a crook

A stealer of souls

A thief of dreams

You pilfer at will

And plunder with no care

Claiming you are filling their minds

Broadening perspectives

And the lonely lap it up

And the scared believe the hype

Handcuffed to a false narrative

The road ahead is bleak

The road behind abysmal

You foist your demons onto others

You squirrel away each alibi

And smother yourself in such cover

But they are not yours to take

But the masses will not call you out on it

Only those who leave can hold your feet to the fire

Serve up some apple pie and pass the popcorn

Tick tock

Tick tock

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Yes, if those still in power donโ€™t call the devil out on his actions, nothing is going to change. What good can come of unexpressed opinions, or the opinions of those out of power? But there is hope. Increasingly we see more of the overly timid coming out from their mold encrusted corners and speaking out. Will it be enough? Will it be in time? Tick Tock indeed.


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