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Winston meets snow: I may need doggie boots

Our trek cross country has come to its natural conclusion and I’m a wee bit sad. Please don’t ont get me wrong. I’m happy to arrive at my beloved destination of New York. It’s not even that cold! But I like road trips and often dream of them being neverending. It would be so much fun to just continue seeing the world from a new perspective. I admit I readily get bored if I stay in one place for too long. I’m not too sure from where I got that itch. My family has been fairly rooted. Me, on the other hand, like digging holes in random places. I’m referencing a song here. I really don’t like digging holes. Probably why I can’t keep any plants alive. I’m quite terrible at it. But I’m great with dogs and turtles. To each his or her own. Oh, and little kids like me. I believe its my round face and curls.

Well, speaking of dogs. My baby dog was quite skeptical during this road trip. He had this look on his face which seemed to be asking “are we there yet?” Luckily my son did not ask that question which was quite miraculous. Or perhaps due to electronics. But back to my dog.

I got Winston at an animal shelter in Los Angeles. He was one years old and we’ve had him for a year. Based on these numbers we believe he is a native Los Angelino. We further believe he’s never seen snow before. That is, till this trip. I was beyond excited to see his reaction to the cold powdery substance. My previous dog, a Pekingese, loved galloping through the snow. One of my favorite photos ever is of him leaping through the NY snow with the happiest dog grin ever. Thus, I expected Winston (a toy poodle) to be just as thrilled. However, dogs, just like humans come with varying likes, dislikes and personalities. In other words, each one is unique.

In Pennsylvania, on our last road trip day, we finally came across real snow. We eagerly walked him over to a snow bank and he just as quickly went walking by it. He sniffed at it and turned up his nose and looked for the sidewalk. Sigh. There went my dream of capturing a photograph of him leaping through the snow.

I am not opposed to getting him little boots. But I had hoped he wouldn’t want nor need them. However, I will look at the bright side. I get to go shopping with my fur baby. Question is: do we have the same tastes in boots and clothes? I suppose we shall find out soon.

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