Hiding one’s happiness from others: No way

Life is funny sometimes. Actually. Life is funny quite often. Now whether you see the humor in it is an entirely different matter. I like to see sunny skies but don’t ask me to smell the roses. I’m allergic. With that said, life is funny and it should be. There is joy to be had and to be passed on. I like to laugh and get others to laugh as well. I’ve got a quick wit which is often based on the fact that I can see and appreciate the ridiculous in any situation. It’s my version of the Matrix. I really do wonder if we are all living in the matrix. But I will leave that topic for another day. Today my quirkiness will focus on joy.

I am quite joyful today. Actually, I have been very joyful for the last three weeks. Why is that? I found peace. And, have I mentioned I am moving back to my beloved New York? I am giddy. And, I feel like others should be happy for me. Sadly, that is not universally the case.

Some people are in perpetual “bah humbug” mode. I just ignore those individuals who would seem to invite a lump of coal or ex-lax in their stocking. Ugh. Was that too harsh? Moving on.

Then there are those individuals who make you feel a bit bad about being happy because they seem to be wallowing in the junk you are leaving behind. How do you keep happy when it gives others a twinge of sadness?

Well, I’m remaining happy. I am just dialing back a little my overt hopping and skipping giddiness. Just a little. I did do a dance in the cafetaria line the other day. I couldn’t help myself as I was thinking of my upcoming pizzas, bagels, and cronuts delights to be had. People laughed and seemed happy I was happy. Then a wistful wave swept over many of them. I tried to hide my happiness. I have tried but I also realize I shouldn’t have to. First off, happiness should be contagious and allowed to be so. Second, they all have the power to change their lives as well. But back to the contagion part. Spread happiness and let the chips fall where they will.

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  1. It does seem as though people like to rain other people’s happiness and to those people I always want to ask, “Who peed in your Wheaties?” But I don’t because I actually feel bad for them. It must take a lot of energy being a grouse (not the bird) when others are elated. Just more theater of the absurd to giggle about later. Congrats on the move–personally I miss Gino’s Italian ices, good pastrami and yes, real pizza.

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