Let it slide: Just let it slide

My son hates the movie Frozen. But almost all the boys in his 4th grade class did. So, he was not unique. He really disliked that “Let it Go” song. And, I get that. I didn’t care for it all that much the first time let alone the 100th time I heard somone singing it whether out of mockery or earnestness. Sometimes I wanted to acream that you shouldn’t let it go. Some things have to be further examined or discussed. Some things shouldn’t get a pass. But I also don’t believe its healthy to hold a grudge. There are indeed things one needs to truly just move on from.

What I have come to appreciate is that there are things one has to just let slide. There are things that irk you but you look at the bigger picture and decide to just let slide.

I have been finding myself noting to no one but me that I just have to focus on the larger things someone has done. Further, I have learned to just shrug and note that this smaller issue of concern isn’t a great concern when you look at the totality of past and possible future actions. In such an instance you just have to let it slide. Which is very different from letting it go. When you let something slide, you give it a wink. You acknowledge how messed up the action may have been but you acknowledge how grateful you are for all the other parts.

So, go ahead and let it slide. You will feel good because you are taking into account the whole picture and noticing the nuance in the world.

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