I’m done, done, done like an overcooked steak

I have been thinking a lot lately about the phrase “I’m done.” I wondered recently if being done is an emotion. Most people feel that it is. Some noted it’s a gumbo or stew of emotions. I most definitely know that being done is an emotion. And I speak from a deep well of experience.

This past week I noted to a few people I was done. And they in turn asked if I was sure. How can one not be sure? Being done is felt deeply after which you feel relieved and perhaps then nothing. It’s this process or continuum of emotions. I responded that I was most certainly done and do much so that I resembled an overcooked steak. A burnt steak. Which I don’t quite get why people like well done steaks or burgers or any meat.

I don’t eat steak. But it would seem that a well done steak would be absent of taste. Maybe I am wrong about that. But I don’t think I would relish a burnt taste. A good friend of mine loves his meat well-done. And I asked him why. He noted he wanted to make sure everything was dead so that he couldn’t get sick. As someone who often gets food poisoning I get his concern. But I also like very savory food. Salmonella-free or tastiness? I suppose I rather be done than be subjected to interesting yet potentially harmful chaos. But to each his or her own. Either way, I’m done, done, and done. Although, I don’t eat my meat well-done, I have happily reached that point. Now, I’m free and moving onwards on my life quest. And, that’s a meal worth having.

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  1. When my son was in grade one, if one of the kids said :”I’m done.” when their work was finished she would come over and pinch their arm and asked it they meant they were fully cooked!


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