Is “done” an emotion?

Every once in a while, I veer into the more psychological realm in my writing. Which makes sense given I’m psychologistmimi. Today, I will go halfway into the psychology zone. Which in all fairness to myself-who tends to digress quite often-is what I tend to do almost always. So, I suppose I should state I will more obviously take a psychological bent today. Although, who knows how this will end. It’s not as if I plan any of this. Stream of consciousness is a beautiful thing.

The last few weeks I have noted with some frequency that “I’m done”. I usually follow such a statement with “SMH” (shake my head). Now, in the past I would have noted that “being done” is more a statement of action. Or rather, ending an action whatever it may be. After the last few weeks I have had and more, I would say that being done is an emotion. It’s a feeling that is a mixture of relief, anger, and finality. Now, this phrase is probably too young to have been studied in terms of emotion classification and research And if it has, I wouldn’t know as I have veered more and more away from academia. But my gut tells me our emotions are evolving and this is one for our time.

There are seven key basic emotions such as anger, fear, happiness, sadness, disgust, sadness and contempt. These are described as universal emotions. As you can see being done is not on that list. But it should be. It’s like a supermax version of contempt married with anger with sprinkle of relief. How much contempt have you felt lately versus feeling done? I suppose that depends what town, job, family and television viewing habits you have. If you watch Riverdale or you probably experience being done. If you work for an unreasonable narcissistic (versus a reasonable one) you have probably felt done. If you get harrassed every morning while walking your dog, you probably have had many moments of being done with the town. And, so forth.

Sometimes we joke with people that we’re done with them. Its funny but it also puts people on notice.

I’ll tell you one thing I’m done with: this getting dark at 5pm or earlier. I’m so done with that. And because I literally cannot be, it must be an emotion. Right?

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  1. Personally, I’ve always thought of being “done” as all the emotions bubbling together in a stew–un guiso–until it combines and boils over and it just can’t be dealt with anymore. There’s no saving the stew and so…done!

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  2. “Im done! Thankyou and goodbye”
    George Costanza, that great mind from the Seinfeld era, would make this pronouncement after making a joke not of his knowing. He would “leave them laughing” even if we’re a quirk of his natural self.
    George has always been keen to investigate new emotions.B


  3. Control over emotions is one of the key symbolic meanings in the bible. The mind is described like a compass in the bible. North being emotions and the red horse you turn red when emotions kick in etc. This is also why new initiates into freemason are put into the north corner of the lodge. The north side of solomon’s temple was in the dark no light could get there. Thus meaning the emotions cannot recieve the light of God.


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