Hello December: Let’s make dreams come true


We have entered the final stretch of the year that has been.  December has marked the end of the year and the start of wintertime since ancient Romans solidified their first calendar.  December can be beautiful when the snowfall first starts. And it can be dirty, mushy and icy as the snow settles in. It is a dynamic month that caps off one’s year and leaves one wondering what is next.  It has been an epic roller-coaster for me personally and probably for the world at large, as well.


Now is the time to dream big. The waning days may make some complacent but it need not be that way. There are many days to bring forth comfort and daydreams:  the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve. You have to capitalize on these days and remember to feel the joy. Of course, there are ominous parts to December if you are a Game of Thrones fan where the motto “winter is coming” has come to take on new meaning for us all. December seems to bring a warning about the need for constant vigilance.  But, on the other hand, you have all those Hallmark movies about the beauty of December and Christmas. They are a bit tad much for me on the sugary side.   But to each his or her own.


Point is that one has to find one’s happiness as we near the end of the year. It’s been a slog to get here. But I am determined to try to find a positive thing each day.   There is a viral good will calendar that may inspire some people to try to do one good deed each day.  If that helps people focus on the good stuff, so be it. Let’s go for it.



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