Baby it’s cold outside…I wish



Well, it is 65 degrees in Los Angeles and that is about as cold as it gets. My son, meanwhile, is missing New York with grand ferocity. He misses the cold. He misses the snow. He finds it all refreshing.  I am not too sure that I miss the snow. I do miss New York with even more intensity. But I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I find it stunning and magnificent. I also fall every two seconds and end up with deep bruises as a result.


One thing, though, is that I sometimes don’t wish to sing Christmas songs  that out in Los Angeles that allude to the cold and snow.  I don’t feel the oomph to the songs. I realize that there is some controversy right now about the song “baby it’s cold outside” leading to it being pulled from several radio stations.  But I do wish I could say that it’s cold outside. I know my son wishes it were so. We are dreaming of a true winter. A few years back we went to Berlin for Christmas and despite my continuous  near-frostbite status, it felt wonderful to be in a winter wonderland.


Meanwhile, we keep feeling nostalgic for our snow-covered backyard in New York. Admittedly, I do like the nice warm sun of Los Angeles as well especially when I can run on the sandy beach in Santa Monica and people are stuck in two feet of snow elsewhere. To everything there is love and longing for the opposite.

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  1. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. To me, balmy winter weather was the norm. I discovered cold weather when I joined the WACs in 1950. Since then I’ve lived in Virginia, New Jersey and, when I married, 2 years in Toledo, Ohio. I am familiar with cold, snowy weather and don’t find it enhances Christmas one iota. Even now, living in Sacramento, if I want to see snow, I can always visit it. I don’t have to live with it. But seriously, I’ve always enjoyed and celebrated Christmas no matter where I was or what kind of weather was outside. Christmas to me is in the heart. It’s as much attitude as a date near the end of the year.


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