I need an escape pod

I watch a lot of science fiction shows. Although, I am not a big Doctor Who fan. Nor do I care for all the Star Trek shows. I like dark science fiction. But that’s a whole other bit.

What I have loved about science fiction is the big vision of life. Possibilities way beyond current realities. Also, I appreciate the multiple ways of conceptualizing people. It’s often a rich view of humans.

However, what I really love is the technology and my desire to run away with it all. The idea of teleportation fascinates me. I would gladly subject my body to it if it means avoiding crazy airplane travel. Everyday I wish for teleportation. I’m also convinced my dog believes that the elevator is a teleportation device. What I really want is an invisible escape pod. Sort of like Wonder Woman’s invisible lasso. Sort of.

Just today I was sitting in a room with people who were endlessly going on about unrealistic expectations and some pretty far out there ideas. And, not in a cool innovative way. At one point I turned to the side and had a moment where I just wanted to escape. I wanted to run and go dance in the sun. I wanted to go and smell the roses. I wanted an invisible escape pod. Or whatever device you can think of. If I could move my hands in a circular manner and have a portal to another realm appear, I would have been practicing such circular movements non-stop.

The reason I want an invisible portal is so that when I escape, no one would be able to figure out what happened. They would come off a bit as having group delusions. Maybe more lettuce would be recalled as a result. What? Roll with it. Wouldn’t it be fun to mess with them this way?

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  1. I agree that it would be great to have teleportation abilities–it’s always my go-to superpower. And a funny thought… As I write this comment, I’m watching one of my favorite sci-fi TV shows, Star Trek: TNG! Just saying!


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