I would be a terrible powerball winner

I am not too much of a gambler. I like to take calculated risks. Some have even said I thrive in risky situations. That sounds wrong. I’m no James Bond leaping from tall buildings chasing bad guys. Although, that would most certainly be kind of cool. I would be either Roger Moore or Daniel Craig. I hate to admit that when they first announced Craig as the new Bond I was a bit skeptical. But he turned out to be quite awesome as Bond.

But I digress. Now, where was I? Yes, risk taking. Or rather, gambling.

I am not much of a gambler. I rarely get a lottery ticket. My mother, on the other hand, loved lottery tickets. And, she bought one every week. She actually had some bit of luck on her side for a while. To me, however, it all seemed like a lot of work. The few times I have bought a ticket, I forgot to check to see if I had won. I sort of figured that if I had won a large sum, the media would find me. So, why bother checking? I know that logic doesn’t make sense. Which is why I would be a horrible, terrible powerball winner. I would never know. I would just forget to check. It’s too much effort to track down the ticket and find out the winning numbers.

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  1. I have bought only one Powerball ticket, with five lines. It didn’t amount to anything, so I never have bought another one. I’m just not into gambling. I would, though, spread the wealth around, if I did win.


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