Sometimes you can’t escape the poop train

I had a rather long day where, at times, I found myself in situations that seemed determined to push the incredulity button. Or it is boundaries? Whatever. Either way ine writes about them, they were absurd. It was as if I were in the midst of of Ionescu play of the absurd. When you have such a day, you sometimes just have to commit to not doing anything when you get home. Eating is not even required. As a matter of fact maybe it’s best to avoid lest you find yourself in a stress eating competition with yourself.

I made an agreement with myself to not do anything other than feed and bathe my son. I also got my dog a walker for the evening. I was determined to just zone out and ignore all past silliness.

Then I was channel surfing when I landed on the Rachel Maddow show. She is an MSNBC tv show host. I was not looking to watch anything political. I was tired. But then I listened for a second and just had to shake my head. She was doing a segment on a poop train in Alabama. It was a train transporting New York poop down south. I never caught the “why”. But it was an extremely weird piece in which townspeople after townspeople in Alabama complained of the noxious smells.

I have to admit that I didn’t know such a train existed. But, what made me giggle was that it reminded me of workplaces in general. I thought of that one ever-present staff that goes from cubicle to cubicle spreading anger, fear and discontent. I thought of the individual brings drama everywhere I thought of the person who is often quite negative. And, here I was trying to just ignore all craziness.

No matter how hard you try, you may not be able to escape a poop train. Yuck

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  1. We forget the men and women whose job it is to handle, well, garbage for us. I complain when the trash can in the kitchen has chicken or fish leavings and starts to smell occasionally – they live with it. I don’t care whether they ‘get used to it’ in any way, but they have my thanks and, when I remember, my prayers. I couldn’t do their job.


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