Thankfully there’s an app for that



Many years ago, I was watching Sesame Street with my son and I got a huge chuckle out of a segment called there’s an app for that which focused on a IPOGO app that replaces the good old pogostick. It was taking on the obsession with apps. Sesame Street can be on point. Sharp points. When I watched that segment, I couldn’t help but agree with their underlying message. Fast forward 6 years or so, and I am now singing the praises of apps wholeheartedly. What changed? Well. Life got complicated and these apps helped mitigate those life complications. And, there is nothing wrong with that.


For instance, there is no way I could live in Los Angeles without the Uber app. Or ride sharing apps, in general. When I lived in my house in Los Angeles, I relied on Grubhub to get me yummy meals.


Now, I have a new app that I just love and my son likes to take credit for “discovering” it.  As he was watching some video game play on YouTube an advertisement came up for the WAG app and service.  It is a service that has been referred to as the Uber for Dog-Walking. Now that we live in an apartment downtown, my dog has had some time adjusting to this new environment. I decided to then use a dog-walking service. Now, not all dog-walkers are right for all dogs. And my dog Winston has his own peculiarities.  Even though he is just 18 pounds, he thinks he can readily take on German Shepards. Thus, the walker does need to have a calm presence and state of mind.   And, we found one such walker. She is gentle and gets him. She even has him rapidly adjusting to the city.


He looks dapper and happy on his walks. He still barks at other dogs but it is less frequent. And, I am feeling a bit of relief as a result. No service is perfect but when it can help uncomplicate life a little, then I am happy.

I welcome your thoughts

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