Winston in the city: I tried explaining teleportation is still not possible

My awesome dog Winston is a very sweet dog. With humans, that is. When we first saw him in the shelter, he was super chill. Very chill. Then he got comfortable and territorial. We love him and adore him regardless of how often he barked at dogs walking in front of the house. But we didn’t really have any issues with him.

Then we moved out of the house into a high-rise downtown. It looks and feels like a city there. He was in a bit of awe and shock. It seems he had not been in an elevator before. I think he expects elevators to be like teleportation machines. The concept of having to wait to get to a floor and have the doors open, appears to annoy him. I agree in that I would love for teleportation to be a reality. But, sadly, I have to explain in my best human to dog talk, that teleportation is still far off.

To further complicate matters, downtown and in the highrise there are many, many dogs. This is a complete annoyance to him. And, to others as he barks up a storm.

Now, while walking him he is constantly sniffing about. There’s nothing wrong with that other than I had to wrestle a huge chicken bone from his mouth. This is a whole new world to him and I understand he will want to explore everything in sight. And, I want him to. But this has been an intense acclimation and acculturation experience. If only I could have shown him a video beforehand.

Well, it will be an interesting few weeks of settling in. But I’m excited for him. There’s tons for him to see and learn. And, hopefully he will make a few doggie friends.

Here’s hoping.

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  1. SMiLes.. Well.. Winston is
    Teleporting Online
    Unwittingly So..
    While the
    Rest of Us
    See Him
    And Even Speak
    About Winston too..
    His Travels continue
    In Dreams He’ll Never See..
    And Always
    Now Be A
    Bit of
    Real Magic Now
    Uploading A Dog’s Soul..;)


  2. Glad the move is over to that extent for you. Moving is the pits.

    Hope you get settled soon. It will probably sooner than us, as we have accepted the offer of a 2-BR, 2-BA apartment in the same complex, but they are going to gut it and bring it up to their standards (and we’ll want to be involved in every step of the process). It will take months. Meanwhile, we don’t really unpack.


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