Where did the spider web go?

I was walking into spider webs

Well, one large one

in which a very large spider lived.

The spider dangled and freefell

The spider built a mighty web.

Impressive how sturdy it was.

Impressive how diligent the spider was.

Then daylight came

and there was no more spider web.

Where had it gone?

Took a rake to comb the air

But there was nothing to comb.

The spider had packed up its belongings

and gone ‘for a vacation.

Or so I thought.

Later that night the web was back up

And I was left to wonder

why do I only walk into spiderwebs at night?




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  1. The spiders that are my “neighbors” only come out at night. However, I rarely walk into webs because they are always set up out of the way. And it is usually many of them. I remember being younger on my grandmas porch watching a spider in her web during the day….I feel that many species have evolved intelligently by knowing that coming out at night is safer than being spotted in the day and being killed.


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