Surviving both a shark and bear attack in one year: What’s your next move?

The news has been all over the place the last few weeks. Well, last few years.   So many odd things that have been occurring each day.   So much so that we miss some truly wacky news stories.  I used to read many of those each week and wax philosophical about them.  While on my flight, during which I couldn’t sleep no matter how hard I tried, I decided to try to read some silly news. I didn’t want to keep reading about the bomb devices that had been sent throughout the United States. My two cities having been impacted. So, I read some wacky news.


I read a story about a guy who seems to be having a really bad year.   A twenty year old guy had the good fortune to go surfing, or rather boogie-boarding, in Hawaii.   What young individual doesn’t dream of doing that? Actually, I would love to do it. If possible, I would do it tomorrow. Then he had the misfortune of being bitten by a shark while enjoying the beautiful waters off of Hawaii.  That is tough. Well, he actually was just fine. He just had cuts. One might say he was a lucky guy, after all. One might say that.


A few months earlier, however, he was attacked by a bear.  Specifically, a bear grabbed him by the head and then started to stomp on him. That is a very scary situation. What bad luck. He fought back and got away. Thus, some might say he was lucky, afterall.   Unbelievably, he had been bitten by a rattlesnake a year prior. But, hey, he survived that as well.


When I first started this story I thought this was about a guy who had really bad luck. However, he is a very lucky guy when you think about it all. Someone who can survive all those encounters with dangerous wildlife has got to have some good luck on his side. see, that is called a “glass half-full” outlook. Also, he obviously is an outdoor enthusiast and everyone knows there can be dangerous situations in those contexts. I’m sure there is some adrenaline, blood-pumping energy there.


With all that, there is also the thought that must arise as to what is next after so many life-threatening situations. If I were to go through such situations, I think I would start playing the lottery every week. For every scary situation, there has to be a happy moment. Or maybe one can go paragliding. Or one can just decide to travel the world. With each event, one has to think about getting a break and a new lease on life, per se. It’s a shame this story didn’t get much media attention. But it can certainly be a feel-good story if you have the right pair of glasses on.



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