You are just like 7,600 other people: How’s that for a compliment?

Lately I have had great reason to be thankful to many people both in personal life and professionally. And, I like to thank people publicly as well. The other day I in a meeting noted that someone was a gem for all that they had done the last two weeks. And, I’m meant it. Then someone stated that they were one in a million. Indeed, I agreed with that statement.

Amusingly enough, later that evening I saw a meme about those people we label one in a million. Apparwntly, when we do so, we are saying that there are about 7,600 other people like them. Which isn’t bad really, considering there are 7.53 billion people in the world. Well, as of last year. In that context, one can feel quite special. But if you think about that 7,600 people then you may feel a little less special. You can be replaced by thousands of other people. Think about it. When you feel that you are not replaceable you sort of are. Yes, that is where my mind went. Fun with numbers, folks. Fun with numbers.

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