Despite protesting that I couldn’t, I managed to do so: I am not a zombie.

I have been walking around as if I were a zombie. Well, at least how popular culture depicts zombies. I am not too sure whether actual zombies are as mindlessly oriented as in the Walking Dead, but that is how I feel. I used to say I had 101 things on my to-do list. Now, I note I have 1001 and counting. But in less than two weeks, I will have a breather. Well, at least I anticipate some “down” time. Question is whether I will morph from zombie to its opposite state. Actually, what is the opposite of being a zombie? Nowadays, I feel more often than not that we are all zombies.

What is the opposite of zombie? I’m stuck on this. Is it just being standard? Normal? Pertness? Personally, now that I have thought about it for a minute, I believe the opposite of being a zombie is being saucy. I want to be saucy and sassy. Being a zombie can put being saucy on pause. That’s not a good state of being, if you ask me.

Anyway, you might not know this but I have supremely digressed. It’s charming for some. For others, not so much.

Here’s the thing, my son really wanted to play his XBox. We just moved. I have never set this up before. I managed to do a lot of things lately that I normally don’t consider part of my bandwidth. But I have been on an accomplishment roll. Well. Sure, I have. This morning I told my son I had no idea how to set up the Xbox. Interestingly, he set about trying to do it himself. And, he got far. I was impressed and proud. He was not a zombie. But he hit a wall.

I stepped in and took a breath. I sat on the floor and looked at everything. Really looked. And, then I figured the rest out. We did it. Not only does teamwork make the dream work, but it also means I am not a zombie afterall. Despite running ragged and trying to check of items from my 1001 task list, I stopped, collaborated, and listened. Vanilla Ice may have been onto something.

Well, I am thrilled. I learned to do something new today. My son is happy and he got to play. And, I confirmed that I am nota zombie. I’m just tired. But it is all good.

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