I’m running on fumes

I’m dead tired. There I said it. I’m not superwoman. I try to be. But at times, it is just not possible. I’ve been running and running. And running some more. I need sleep. Or I need more caffeine. But at what point is too much caffeine too much? I’m not too sure even a triple espresso would have enough of a jolt for me. Sigh. I’m tired. Very tired. Need sleep. But I will make it. Indeed, I will persevere. I have to. There’s no other option. And, that is my tale.

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  1. I hear you. In the last two months:
    – my 87-year old mother fell, got a subdural hematoma, rehabbed, went home, fell again, started having seizures and became aphasic, underwent 2 brain surgeries, rehabbed again, got into assisted living where they failed to give her her anti-seizure meds, seized again, and is now declining & headed for nursing home;
    – while that was happening, my teenage son attempted suicide, then used psilocybin mushrooms, then took a bunch of LSD and was in the ER for another day, and his therapist then said it’s too much for her to handle.
    So, running on fumes.

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