My personal PSA: Please leash your dog while walking them


I love dogs. I love NYC dogs. They tend to have swagger as they walk down the city sidewalks. And, for the most part the dogs in NYC tend to behave. Occasionally they may growl at one another but often they do a little dance when they see each other. They dance and sniff. Sniff and dance.   It is actually quite adorable to see these greetings. My old dog Milo was super cute when he would get down low to the ground to signal he wanted to play.   I can think of only two times where I was a bit scared walking my dog in New York.


Now, walking my dog in Los Angeles is a whole other story. Let me first describe the situation this way. My friends and acquaintances alike have all warned me to walk my dog while carrying a stick, a rock or a bat.  A lot of people here do not leash their dogs. There are also a lot of strays. There are aggressive dogs in front yards that can easily jump the fence or crawl through some hole.   I may sound like I am exaggerating but it is a real issue.


A few months back, while I was walking my dog, a woman came running towards me. She was crying and screaming at me to turn around and run. I was startled and, at first, found it hard to understand what she was saying. Then I understood. A dog had killed her puppy.   And that dog was loose in the neighborhood. I picked up my dog and ran home. Everyone I told the story told noted that was why they carried some kind of stick. I was haunted by that story and kept my dog in the back yard for a while. Then we started walking again.   Then, on one of our walks a week ago, a huge dog came from out behind our front yard bushes. I was startled. My son was scared and went running back home. I again picked up my dog and ran inside.   That dog’s owner was nowhere to be found.  Sigh.


So, this is my PSA. please, please, please leash your dogs when you walk them. And, if you no longer want your dog drop them off at a shelter. It is for the best for everyone involved.



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  1. I agree 100%. Here ( just north of Toronto) there are people who do not leash their dogs. It drives my husband crazy (he is the #1 dog walker in the family) as they do not pick up their dogs poop.And their dogs come bounding over and may or may not be friendly.For me when I ride my horse on the forest trails ( signposted that ALL dogs MUST be on the leash) and unleashed dogs come barking and running up to me I yell to the owners to put the dogs on the leash for the safety of the dogs as my horse WILL kick and could kill the dog. They usually say something like :”Oh he’s fine around horses.” This completely misses the point that my horse is NOT fine with barking dogs at his heels.


  2. Meeting unleashed dogs on the trail is a real PITA!

    “My dogs are nice dogs and would never cause any problems!” This is the motto of people who do not think. Or are maybe lazy.

    When I’m out hiking, my dog is on a leash, even in wilderness. It may be a 26 ft. long retractable leash but it is leashed. Takes seconds to reel them in. I don’t know if another’s dog is friendly or going for a kill until it is on top of me so how should I react to a rottweiler charging at me?

    If it attacks my dog or me it will likely be pepper sprayed and if that doesn’t work I will wade into it and kill it. Not everyone has that ability.


  3. hello psychologistmimi its dennis the vizsla dog hay i do not no wot it is abowt kalifornya but peepul heer dont seem to think leesh laws apply to them!!! hay importent sayfty tip hyoomans yes they do!!! ok bye


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