Two coats: I have become my mother

Growing up I loved my mother dearly and felt lucky to have her as my mother. She always tried to make my life better and give me the opportunity to spread my wings. Even still, just like many other kids, I often noted I would be different. I knew there would be things both big and small that I would do differently. It wasn’t that I thought she was doing a bad job, it is just that I wanted to be different. She loved horror films. I’m not thrilled by them. She loved beans. I detest them. She loved black coffee. I need cream, sugar, and syrup for my coffee. She loved Tom Selleck’s mustache and I had no feelings about it.

She was always cold. She would even wear two sweaters sometimes. I would giggle and tease her about it.

Fast forward to today.

I work in a hospital where it is always freezing. Of course. That is how a hospital is supposed to be. And, now I’m always cold and getting big skin blotches as a result. And, I wore two jackets yesterday.

I caught myself in the mirror and was startled. I have become my mother. I laughed all day about it and even teased myself about it. There are definitely worse things that can happen to me. But I will still continue to drink my coffee with lots of cream, sugar and flavored syrups. I have to draw the line somewhere.

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  1. Itโ€™s a funny feeling when you realize you have somewhat become your parent, isnโ€™t it ? I was raised by my grandmother, who sounds very much like your mother in her ways of doing things, and there were things she did that I used to laugh at her about. Now I catch myself doing them as an adult and I have to laugh at myself.๐Ÿ˜


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