I want to believe I can have it all but I shouldn’t

I am in the midst of packing up my house and trying to do way too many things at the same time. That is pretty much the story of my life. It can actually be the title of my autobiography. I am always packing up something. I always have way too much to do. Some of it is of my own doing, admittedly. I say “yes” to many activities, projects, and people. I offer help. I offer to take on things. I offer to participate. For the most part, admittedly, I like doing it all. I do want it all. I want to believe I can have it all.

I want to believe. However, I am also a realist and know I cannot have it all. What would be the fun in that? Asked no one. But. There is a kernel of truth in that question. If we could have it all, we wouldn’t have to prioritize. We wouldn’t have to learn about ourselves and what really makes us tick. We wouldn’t be independent beings, now would we? By not being able to have it all, we can set goals and timelines. We can decide what is tedious and what is worth one’s effort.

It is amazing to me how my mind goes from one thought to another. I started all this because in my packing frenzy, I came across this uncontrollable flower growing in my backyard. I would like to think I am helping it grow. But I am not. It has a life and mind of its own. And just like it, so are we. Because we are independent beings we get to not always gets what we want.

Now, where is my coffee. Because that I will get and will get more than one cup of.

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