She was going to try to touch history and etch it into her brain


She sauntered into this wild museum on a happy note. She was singing some old song from over a 100 years ago.

Where do we go when we walk on light?
Who do we call at the edge of night?
Carry me close like the teardrops in your eyes


All we have are our memories. Even at a collective level. That is why she always loved museums.  Even though they were recently outlawed and this was one of the last to shut down.   She was surprised that there were not that many people there.   Curiosity was stamped out a long time ago, As was history.   Everything was about the here and now. But her great grandparents had been teachers and that pride in learning was transferred down through the generations.   They would be aghast at what was happening now. But she believed that memory and a love for knowing what came before us would come back someday.  She just hoped she would be alive to see that day.   Meanwhile, she was going to try to touch history and etch it into her brain.



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  1. You touch on a concerning theme here, Mimi and what our society would be like without memory. Without history. I hope it won’t come to that.
    Best wishes,


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