Oh such treacle: Now why is that?

After a rather trying day with 101 tasks, I got the chance to sit on the couch. Well, actually I stretched across the couch and tried to veg out. I switched on the television and scrolled down my dvr list. I started watching one show in particular and I immediately stated out loud to myself “wow, what treacle.”

I caught myself, wondering why I would state something outloud and why why I use the word treacle. It really is not a word I use everyday. As a matter of fact, I have probably only used the word a handful of times and each behing a reference to the Brimstone and Treacle movie and soundtrack featuring Sting. I am a huge movie buff, but I would not be able to tell you the plot of said film unless I looked it up on IMDB. You could offer to pay me a thousand dollars and all I would be able to tell you is that it’s likely the movie was about a singer. Thus, why would I use this “treacle” word?

I am amazed by our wonderful brains that store these words deep into our recesses and brain folds spitting them out at odd times. I should note the context of my treacle outburst. I was watching the new television show called New Amsterdam supposedly based on New York’s Bellevue hospital. The show is an interesting interpretation of the healthcare industry. But I’m not touching upon that here. The show is filled with what one can ostensibly and metaphorically refer to as treacle tart. And. There is such a thing. Go figure.

As I started thinking about treacle tarts, I began wondering if that is better than humble pie or eating crow. My mind was tired, folks. It went to weird places in my usual stream of consciousness tangents. I like digressions even when I’m watching television by myself late at night. And with that let’s see how tonight goes

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